7 Facts That Will Make You Prefer Huawei Over Apple And Samsung

When picking a smart mobile phone, we stress the possible resources and special demands. However, it’s more difficult than it looks. What to decide? How to pick? In fact, we prefer by comparing the choices. It’s better that you must compare all companies mobiles and then prefer what you want to buy.

For this purpose, we take a survey of these 7 most important comparison features to support you with your choice.

The Cost

It is surely one of the most powerful features for the customer. No one desires to misuse money or spend more limited on a hopeless and doubtful device. When purchasing a smart mobile phone, most people think about mobile phone pricing, which is occasionally determined based on the brand’s demand. It turns out that a smart mobile phone cost is not surely a guarantee of huge variety and more others.

So, let’s analyze 2 opposing models to explain. Like, Huawei P8 mobile is almost 499 euro, somewhat more than half the Samsung C6 mobile list cost.

Makes It Stand Out?

Everyone desires to be innovative and distinct. Moreover, few people prefer to have the equal smart mobile phone as their fellows, and others desire to see a mobile phone that reaches out. This feature is also of vital interest when producing the last conclusion.

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Huawei’s organization continually struggles to improve the Android program. Huawei has a special interface called Emotion, which is the improved version of Google Android. In the meantime, the Android platform of Samsung smartphones does not undergo much optimization or change.

Many And Lots Of Light

A great camera takes a many of light. Several people base their selection of a smart mobile phone on the abilities and features of its camera. Indifference, few other people, do not spend full thought to the availability of a mobile camera.

Now see some example. Huawei P9 mobile camera takes 270% longer light than the iPhone 6s mobile and 90% longer than the camera of Galaxy S7 mobile.

Is It Also Thin?

The width of the Huawei P9 mobile phone is just 7 mm. This mobile phone model is smaller than both iPhone 6S mobile phones and Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phones. However, is this truly necessary? So, it’s a focus of feeling. Few may see the lightness as essential. Therefore, many people may prefer a major real power.

The related goes for the screen. The screen section of the designated smart mobile phone is 73.9% and exceeds iPhone 6S mobile and Galaxy S7 Samsung mobile phone. Is this necessary when picking a smart mobile phone? It is up to you to select.


Design is exactly what presents you see a device. There is a permanent struggle in the elements of design b/w smart mobile phone companies. The latest designs are created handling innovative design ideas and concepts, which need continually prevail over the past ones.

Huawei’s organization has unique in Paris, where the corporation workers meet with the best world designers. This center’s experts rise to improve the design concepts to join new heights and build innovative Huawei designs’ appearances.

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Apple Company additionally spends personal notice to how the innovative iPhone mobile will look. The Apple mobile corporation also continually discusses the professionals. However, the design plan is put code ago; not everyone is possible to the comprehensive public.

The Focus Of Stability

When choosing a smart mobile phone, it is essential to know the stability goal. If the device fails, how is it operating to be fixed?

For this purpose, we can give an example to alter the Galaxy J5 Samsung mobile battery. Those who are utilized to explaining the whole professional difficulties of their smart mobile phone themselves should recognize the opportunities. To replace the Huawei GR3 mobile phone battery, the buyer needs to explore specialists’ guidance.

Publicity Victim?

Furthermore, do not ignore how the corporations in the problem associated with their buyers. So, four bln US $. This is the number Samsung mobile pays annually to sell its products. Apple corporation is almost minor in this view. The Apple organization uses US 400$ mln annually.

Huawei company has just 11$ US mln yearly insurance on advertisements. The Huawei corporation describes its unwillingness to pay incredible advertisements by the support. Huawei favors paying cash on the discovery and growth of the latest techs, preferably than ads.

This way to ad spending can support us know who we prefer to interact with. By selecting the best decision, you will achieve your satisfaction and avoid disapproving future choices.