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How Do I Clear My Browser History On My iPhone or iPad

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Clear cookies on iPhone, Websites store cookies on your device to keep track of things like your preferences, login info, etc. Your browser might be better with cookies, but they can also violate your privacy.

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Privacy concerns could be addressed by delete your iPhone’s cookies. These tips will help you enhance your privacy while surfing the web.

Advantages To Clear My Browser History On My iPhone

  1. Enhanced Privacy
  2. Improved Security
  3. Faster Browsing 
  4. Accurate Website Behavior
  5. Customized Experience 

1- Enhanced Privacy 

When you delete cookies, you prevent advertisers from tracking your online activity and ensure your privacy online.

2- Improved Security

Cookie removal prevents unauthorized access to your accounts as stored login information is removed.

3- Faster Browsing 

By clearing cookies, your device will run faster and web pages will load faster.

4- Accurate Website Behavior 

Cookies can cause websites to stop working correctly if they’re outdated or corrupted.

5- Customized Experience 

When you clear your cookies, sites won’t remember your browsing history or preferences.

Requirements of Clear Browser History on iPhone

Make sure you have these things before clearing cookies on your iPhone:

  1. An iPhone
  2. Access to Settings 
  3. Wi-Fi or Cellular Data 
  4. Passcode or Face/Touch ID

1- An iPhone 

iPhones running iOS 14 are required.

2- Access to Settings 

Check your iPhone’s settings.

3- Wi-Fi or Cellular Data 

Verify your settings with an internet connection.

4- Passcode or Face/Touch ID 

Passcodes, Face ID, or Touch ID may be required depending on your security settings.

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How to Clear Browser History on iPhone/iPad

Then we will guide you through the process to learn, How to Clear Cookies on iPhone, so you know what to do.

Solution 1

You will learn how to clear cookies on iPhone by following all the steps described below:

  • Scroll down in the Settings app to find Safari, then tap it
  • Select Clear History & Website Data in Privacy & Security
  • In the pop-up window, tap Clear History and Data

Solution 2

Listed below is another method that offers an alternative, so we hope that you will find it helpful.

Remove Cookies in Chrome iPhone

  • Install Chrome on your iPhone
  • Click the three dots in the bottom-right corner
  • Click Settings
  • Privacy is at the bottom
  • Cookies, Site Data can be cleared
  • Make sure Clear Browsing Data is ticked

Solution 3

It is in simple steps that will lead to understanding, How to Clear Cookies on iPhone if the earlier solutions don’t work for you.

Remove Cookies In Firefox of iPhone

  • Install Firefox on your iPhone
  • To open the menu, tap the three horizontal lines
  • Settings are at the bottom
  • Manager of data
  • Remove private data
  • Tap Clear Private Data to clear cookies

Conclusion – Clear My Browser History On My iPhone

Your privacy and security can be enhanced if you clear your iPhone’s cookies. Follow these solutions for a cleaner, faster surfing experience while keeping your info safe.

Remove cookies on iPhone will log you out of websites and remove any saved choices. As a result, you may have to reset your site preferences or input your login info again. It’s a proactive measure to protect your online activity to clear cookies on iPhone.

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