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Dark Energy Pre Workout Review [What’s Happend]

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The Dark Energy project was discontinued a couple of months ago. There are reports that the warehouses were raided or something similar happened. Don’t worry, there is a great alternative that will be presented later on in this review.

Dark Energy pre-workout contains DMAA and DMHA, which makes it a controversial pre-workout supplement. By law, these ingredients cannot be sold as dietary supplements because they are stimulants.

What Does Dark Energy Do?

Magnitude Life Sciences is a name you may not be familiar with, just like I wasn’t until I found their Dark Energy Pre Workout. Do what these guys did if you are interested in getting attention from the pre-workout world.

Unlike some pre-workouts, Dark Energy will not make you rage; instead, it will boost your energy levels, get you focused, and boost your mood. My mood is not negatively affected after taking it or I feel anxious after taking it.

Pre-Workout Experience With Dark Energy

Bombsicle Flavor in Dark Energy pre-workout

There is nothing special about the Bombsicle flavor. In any case, this is a pre-workout stim for stim junkies, so you need not be concerned. Additionally, new flavors like Rocket and Blast have been introduced in 2020.

Experience At The Gym in Dark Energy

It feels amazing to work out with this pre-workout, that’s for sure. This pre-workout has a clean, clear, and focused energy. One of my favorite pre-workouts. I feel more well-being and an elevated mood than at any time since I used JACK3D or APS Mesomorph.

During your workout, you should experience this sensation for about 2-3 hours. To date, Dark Energy has not caused me any side effects.

Approximately 20 minutes pass before Dark Energy kicks in. Just wait at first if you are feeling like nothing is happening. Upon kicking in, a powerful surge of focus and energy occurs.

Dark Energy still lifts your mood after you have gone to the gym. It keeps you focused, too. So Dark Energy is a good choice if you have something to accomplish. You will feel happier after your workouts with Dark Energy.

What are the Pros of Bombsicle Flavor 

  • Long-lasting energy
  • Keeping Tunnel Vision in Focus
  • An unparalleled feeling of euphoria
  • The Best Mood Elevation Before Working Out

What are the Cons of Bombsicle Flavor

  • Almost all of them have decent flavors (at least the ones I tried)

What Is In Dark Energy Pre Workout?

The dark energy pre-workout has become a controversial product over time. However, not from the standpoint of experience, but the standpoint of the label. Dark Energy contains DMAA, which has now been banned. Find out what ingredients Dark Energy Pre-Workout contains.

Labeling of Dark Energy Ingredients

Take a closer look at the Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Pre-workout label to find out what you can expect from it. However, labels are simply words, what matters is how the experience is.

DMAA (60 mg)

You will be instilled with a crazy drive throughout your workout when you take DMAA, which is the infamous stimulant. As for Magnitude Life Sciences, I would say that 60 mg is the right amount. In today’s pre-workouts, we see products with 120 mg of DMAA, such as Crack Pre Workout.

DMHA (200 mg)

On top of that, there is DMHA, which is a lesser-known friend of DMAA. Pre-workout DMHA has a similar effect to DMHA but is mainly used for energy boosts and overall intensity.

GABA (50 mg)

The GABA molecule isn’t something you see every day. Dark Energy contains GABA, which I believe gives you that uplifted mood. GABA is typically thought to make you more relaxed, but not in this case. This substance gives you a positive, happy feeling.

DMAE (750 mg)

A loaded ingredient label on this product includes 750 mg of DMAE. The cognitive benefits of DMAE make this product highly recommended. DMAE can help you develop a laser-like focus in the gym. In terms of dosage, 750 mg is comparable to Assassin V6.

Beta-Alanine (3.2 g)

We love those tingles that a pre-workout provides so much. We feel the same with Dark Energy. This is an energy that makes you want to work harder. There are usually 3.2 grams in a capsule. Combining this pre-workout with the other stimulants is a great combination.

Caffeine Anhydrous (400 mg)

A pre-workout that contains 400 mg of caffeine is a little more than we normally find in a pre-workout. However, there are also hardcore pre-workouts that contain 600 mg.

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