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How To Use Old phone As CCTV Security Camera – Without SIM Card

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Since smartphones are getting better and better, people upgrade before their old phones die. Consequently, old or outdated devices are taking up space and just sitting around. Instead of throwing them away, why not use them as security cameras? Using an old phone and its built-in camera, you can set up a simple home security camera. You should keep reading to find out how you can accomplish this.

How to Turn an Old Phone into a Security Camera?

Put a third-party security app on your old phone and start monitoring it. Despite the fact that this setup is pretty straightforward as you can see, it is quite simple. 

1- Preparing Your Old Phone

Start by removing the old phone that you are no longer using and using your current phone. Your current phone can be used as the viewer, and the old phone as the camera.

2- Installing Camera App

Apps for security cameras are available in the app store for your mobile device. A good security camera app includes essential features like remote recording, streaming, two-way audio, and motion detection.

3- Pairing Your Devices

Once the app is installed on both phones, open the app and log in to your account. Make sure both phones have the same account, otherwise they will not connect. Use the old phone as the camera, and the new one as the viewer.

4- Choosing Perfect Placement

Place the Camera in an area you want to monitor, such as the entryway, stairwell, or living room. In order to make the camera look good, it should be placed up high. This way, it can capture the area without getting knocked over by your kids. Cameras should also be angled appropriately to provide the best visibility.

5- Testing Your Setup

Don’t forget to make sure the camera stays powered and works. On the Viewer device, you will be able to view the camera’s live feed through the tap of the screen. Besides setting motion detection sensitivity, you can also turn notifications on or off.

6- Real Time Monitoring

By using this DIY trick, you can monitor your property without spending a fortune on security cameras. To get extensive WIFI coverage in your house, you can set up several old phones on the same network and account.

Disadvantages of Home Security Cameras

Simple DIY home security system is cost-effective and easy to install. Those who want advanced features may not be able to fulfill their needs with an old phone as a security camera. There are 4 main drawbacks that you should be aware of:

1- Limited Battery Lifespan And High Maintenance

Monitoring drains your battery significantly, so keep the old phone charged. Security cameras are durable, whereas phones require frequent maintenance.

2- Low Resolution And Blurry Camera Footage 

Low-resolution cameras on old phones can’t record clear videos or capture clear images.

3- Lack of Advanced features And Limited Mobility

Even phones with security camera apps offer only monitoring, communication, and detection. Unlike security cameras, they can’t be integrated with smart home systems. 

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4- Risk Of Being Hacked And Leaking Privacy

The disadvantages of using old phones as security cameras must be considered before choosing this option. A security camera with advanced features can provide stable surveillance, 24-hour monitoring, instant alerts, etc. Eufy camera S220 delivers crisp, clear images and high resolution with night vision and 24-hour surveillance.


With two phones, an app, and a few steps, you can keep an eye on your property right now. An app-enabled security camera might be better if you need high-quality footage and 24/7 monitoring.

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